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Win Loss Analysis

Conducting win/loss analysis is one of the most effective ways of generating the insights you need to increase your win rates and your revenues.

Our customized, post-decision interview and debriefing process will provide you with the candid, unbiased feedback you need to make competitive adjustments to your products, sales approach, marketing strategy and ongoing client servicing efforts.

Our Win/Loss Analysis programs provides insights on:

  • How your company, products/services, sales processes and salespeople are perceived in the marketplace
  • How your competition, their products/services, sales processes and salespeople are perceived in the marketplace
  • What criteria prospects and customers are really interested in when selecting your or similar products and services
  • How your value proposition is meeting the needs of prospects and customers
  • How well you are differentiating yourself and your products from the competition
  • How your competition are differentiating themselves from you

Benefits of Win/Loss Analysis

Our team of Customer Intelligence Analysts will call and converse with prospects who chose not to buy from you, as well as new clients. Since they are objective and unbiased, they’ll discover candid reasons for why you won or lost a sale. This enables you to gain deep insights into what’s working and what’s not so that you can develop a repeatable formula for success. In addition, our Win/Loss Analysis programs will help you to:

  • Enhance Your Messaging: You’ll uncover your prospects’ problems and needs, and how your competitors are positioning themselves. These insights will enable you to differentiate your products and solutions in your marketing materials and finesse your sales presentations so that you can increase leads and improve your win rates.
  • Refine Your Target Market: Perhaps you’ll discover a market niche that’s primed for your product and the way you do business. Whether the niche is defined by company size, industry, or something else, you’ll be able to refocus your sales efforts where they’ll have the greatest impact.
  • Discover Market Needs and Improve Product Management: Maybe your product doesn’t have all the features or services prospects need and want. You’ll learn what’s missing and be able to evaluate whether to add it to your repertoire. Product Management and more specifically, product roadmaps, will be more aligned with marketplace needs and wants. This can result in better product management processes that deliver better products on a timely basis.
  • Answer the Ever-Present Pricing Question: Your sales people say your prices are too high. Maybe. Maybe not. Discover whether your high price is driving sales away, or if you’re leaving money on the table.
  • Tune Up Your Sales Process: We’ll identify flaws in your sales process so that you can shorten sales cycles and increase win rates. 
  • Help Your Sales People Perform Better: You’ll be able to provide constructive criticism for sales people, so they can learn from their successes and mistakes. Do they need to be more responsive? Are they doing enough preparation? Do customers feel that their business would be valued? Are they knowledgeable and do customers view them as trusted advisors? Do they need to improve their demonstration/presentation skills? We’ll find out!
  • Better Competitive Intelligence and Market Research: Win/Loss will help you better position yourself against competitors, improve how you compete in existing markets, identify new markets you should pursue and identify changes you may need to make in order to compete in those markets as well as being able to identify marketplace changes.
  • Generate Customer References and Testimonials: You’ll generate a steady flow of customers who are willing to be references and share why they chose your product or service vs. the competition.