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Sales Playbook and LMS Development


Have you recently hired or are planning on hiring a new salesperson? Are you looking to avoid seeing them struggle with trial and error and ensure that they will ramp up and hit their sales targets quickly? Wish you could clone your top performers and hand your rookies a proven playbook for success in your company?

If so, our Sales Playbook and Learning Management System (LMS) Development Services can help you to quickly ramp up new hires, develop the skills of your existing team and dramatically improve sales performance.

Research conducted by Aberdeen Group in 2012 found that companies that document and distribute their high performer best practices in sales playbooks experienced sales cycles that are 10% shorter, sellers achieve 4% higher quota attainment, and most importantly, overall revenue growth is 7.9% better than peer companies.

Our Core Sales Playbook Curriculum

ccsbookCustomerCentric Selling is the core foundation of our sales playbooks. On top of the core CustomerCentric Selling curriculum, additional custom sales playbook content is added to cover such topics as:


  • Company History, Strategy, Vision and Mission, Org Chart
  • Role Expectations
  • Compensation Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Territory and Account Planning
  • Marketplace and Trends
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Use Cases, Problems Solved, Unique Value Proposition
  • Product/Pricing Training
  • Sales Process/CRM Training
  • Cold Calling and Cold Email Scripts
  • Social Selling Guide
  • Conversation & Objection Handling Guide
  • Competitive Battlecards
  • Presentation & Proposal Templates
  • Marketing Collateral: Brochures, White Papers, Customer Reference Library (Case Studies, Testimonials, etc.)